Tangent Ripple – Color Correction

Tangent Ripple – Color Correction

April 21, 2015

Like most production houses, The Naples Studio offers color correction and grading through DaVinci Resolve.  Now with a new control panel available, tactile tools are becomming available for every studio.

Traditionally, the panels have been extremelly expensive; the DaVinci Resolve control surface comes in at a whopping $30K. While there are lower-end solutions ranging in $1000 and $2000 range, until now there hasn’t been something truly affordable that “occasional colorists” could use without opting for a bulky expensive panel.

At an expected price of $350, the Tangent Ripple will be far and away the least expensive control panel on the market.  It will be a great tool for those looing to bolster their color correction abilities.

The other notable aspect of the Ripple is that it’s compact.  This really means for the occasional colorist, the device can sit on the workstation with the keyboard and mouse, and easily but stored when not in use.

Keep an eye on one of our favorite sites – NoFilmSchool.com or Tangent (http://www.tangentwave.com/) for more information!

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